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Great Walleye and Northern Fishing In a Pristine Setting

Endless fishing at Shabu Wilderness Outposts starts at Kay Air Base, located on Lac Seul, in Ontario Canada 55 miles north of Vermilion Bay (intersection of route 17 and 105). Look for the KAYAIR sign on the right side of the road.

Important Information

We will fly you from Ear Falls, Ontario Canada to Shabu Wilderness Outpost (approx. 60 air miles) on a Twin Beech 18 or Cessna 180. Due to aircraft weight restrictions each guest will be allowed a maximum of 90lbs of luggage, including

beverages and groceries. Pack food in small cardboard boxes and clothes in duffel bags NOT TO EXCEED 50lbs. each. No large coolers or containers. Do not bring what you do not need. Guests will be charged for overweight baggage.

Do not bring rifles or shotguns out of season. Do not bring handguns at any time.

We cannot be held responsible for delays due to weather, late arrivals or equipment failures.

Please phone Kay Air Charter Service Air Base if you are not able to meet check-in-time. 800 222-2434

There will be Emergency Satellite Texting available

Catch and Release Policy


No fish may be taken home from the camp regardless of size. Enjoy eating fish under the legal slot size and possession limit during your stay at the lake. Barbless fishing hooks are encouraged. Eating sizes while at the lake include:

• Walleye under 18 inches.
• Northern Pike under 27 inches.


Furnished Items
• nets • minnow buckets • gasoline for motors • boat cushions • lake map • life vests • boaters safety kit

• live bait is available but not included

Extra rod and reel • Depth finder • Tackle box with lures, filet knife, sharpening stone • Rain gear • Rubber boots • Heavy clothes • Gloves and hat • Sleeping bag • Insect repellent • Sunglasses • Garbage bags • Ear plugs • Compass • Flashlight • First Aid Kit • Spare batteries • Leatherman • Sun tan lotion • Camera and lots of film or digital camera • Towels and wash cloths • Toilet paper • Tin foil • Playing cards • Food and beverages • Dish soap • One cooler for every two people • Matches

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